Just Keep Knitting

Birds of a Feather, Andrea Mowry

I’m starting to get into the last part of my Birds of a Feather shawl! This is the second one I’ve knit as I adore the pattern and it’s the perfect weight for So Cal. Yarn is by Long Dog Yarn and Autumn and Indigo.

But I’ve got an exciting project I want to start ASAP and I’m forcing myself to finish this first!

Cold Brew Cocktail

Fugu Horchata Cold Brew Cocktail by Cutwater Spirits

Enjoyed the Fugu Horchata Cold Brew Cocktail from Cutwater Spirits this past weekend. Super delish and super strong so don’t be like me and drink one too many on Saturday night and then decide its a good idea to go to Downtown Disney in Anaheim the next day with a toddler to see how the re-opening weekend was… in mid 90s degree weather so everyone feels like shit and the toddler has an epic public meltdown at the happiest place on Earth. So…. yeah.

Be like me and try the cocktail…. but don’t be like me with stupid ideas. But hey, if you like coffee you will love this drink.

Pizza Port California Honey

And for the pints part of Pints and Purls here is a solid San Diego beer choice. Super chill and slightly sweet California Honey from Pizza Port. The perfect smooth and refreshing summer beer choice.


Pizza Port Brewing Co. California Honey

Yarn Haul.

One of our local yarn stores in San Diego announced a few weeks ago that they were closing their doors for good. Its always sad to see a local business close, especially one that has been in business for quite a while. The store has a closeout sale going on so I went in to see what was still left as it has been on closeout for a while now.

I was pleased to find great prices on some yarn brands that I have been wanting to try! I picked up a couple skeins of Shibui Knits Silk Cloud (60% Goat-Mohair, 40% silk) in the color ways Pollen and Dusk. Both skeins are richly dyed and gorgeously soft.

I also bought five skeins of Shibui Knits Lunar (60% Wool-Merino, 40% Silk) in Abyss. I am pretty set on knitting a drapey Ranunculus sweater with some of it and then saving the rest in my stash.

Lastly I found that the store carried SweetGeorgia Yarns which I have been wanting to find for some time. I grabbed two skeins of their Bulletproof Sock (50% Wool-Merino, 20% Nylon, 15% Goat-Mohair, 15% Silk) in Basil. This green is unlike anything I have in my stash and very rich and saturated. Plus the yarn is just so so soft.

What are your favorite brands of yarn? Share in a comment! I always love finding a new favorite.


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