Birds of a Feather Finished!

I finished my second Birds of a Feather shawl a few days ago and I am so pleased with it! I knit my first one last summer and I got so much use out of it that I decided to knit another but in more subdued tones (my first one is navy blue and NEON!). This shawl is big enough to wrap around yourself but yet you can also scrunch it together around your neck and have a cozy and beautiful scarf.

The fingering weight yarn and mohair work well for warmth but not too warm that you are sweating all over it. It’s the perfect weight for So Cal nights when it tends to get a bit chilly and breezy. Some people have mentioned in their project pages on Ravelry that they run out of mohair before they can finish but I have not had that problem with either shawl I have knit. I get to the last bit of the skein but I still have enough to finish. However, if you are a loose knitter you may want to get a second skein of mohair.

I would totally knit another one… but maybe in a year since these babies take a LONG time to finish.

The fingering weight yarn I used is Jawbreaker by Long Dog Yarn in their sock base (2 skeins) and the mohair is Winterbloom by Autumn and Indigo Fibers in the lace mohair base(1 skein). Both yarns I HIGHLY recommend and they were both a pleasure to knit with. I am happy to support my local yarn store and I purchased my yarn at Apricot Yarn and Supply in San Diego.

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